Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Millionaire Matchmaker comes to New York

I was so excited about Millionaire Matchmaker coming to NY that I originally planned to blog about each episode, recapping the NY hot spots and Patti Stanger's tips. I must admit though, that I was disappointed with the first few episodes. The millionaires and millionairesses were difficult, some impossible even, and none of the pairings seemed to work. I was starting to worry that this season of Millionaire Matchmaker was a little too real and was going to be a victim of the reality of dating in NYC. But I really wanted to hold on to the hope of some happy endings, at least some fun dates. I was willing to accept that New Yorkers may not be ready for relationships, but they could certainly play the dating game.

Thankfully, the last few episodes have delivered some happy endings. I enjoyed the chemistry between the Albie Manzo and his date. I thought it was really cute how flustered the guy was when he was on his mini date with the Cindy, romance novel millionairess. I also loved the chill yet fun vibe that PJ, the Bahamas millionaire, had with Patti's friend.

On last night's episode, the mixer was at Carnival. I already wanted to go there, and now I want to go even more to see what it's like for myself. I was also excited about the helicopter ride to the winery date. I've done a helicopter ride once and would LOVE to do it again, and I would love to go to a winery as well. The other date to Coney Island was fun as well.

Also, on last night's episode, Patti advised the millionaire to leave his BlackBerry and all other devices at home when on dates and to focus on the present moment with the woman he is with. She also recommended that the millionairess turn down the masculine energy when interacting with men. As a person who is building a business and strives to be a superwoman who can do it all, I can certainly relate to both situations and could definitely benefit from both tips. I also love the tips from Dr. Lillian Glass, the body language expert. The things she says make so much sense, and now I am more conscious of body language, mine and others.

Now I can be excited about future episodes. If you've been missing out on the fun, you can catch up on the old episodes here.

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