Monday, December 6, 2010

Work It Out: IntenSati

What happens when you mix the intensity of kickboxing and martial arts, the focus of yoga and meditation, the radiant energy of affirmations and throw in some dance moves? You get IntenSati.

As it says on
"IntenSati is a revolutionary high-energy cardio workout created by Patricia Moreno, author of The intenSati Method, 7 Principles to Thinner Peace. This method of training is based on the teachings of mindfulness, positive psychology and the law of attraction. She has radically combined aerobics, martial arts and endurance principles with positive affirmations. The result is an unprecedented practice which is empowering physically and mentally."

She Creates Change partnered up with Erin Stutland for a night to "Workout your Body and Workout Your Dreams." It sounded like an amazing event, but the name should have warned me for what I was getting myself into. Everything about the experience was intense, but in the best way possible. I will admit that it was a challenge, but it pushed me to a new level. Using the idea that one cannot think a positive and negative thought at the same time, the IntenSati workout includes positive affirmations to be said throughout the workout. Anyone saying and truly believing the affirmations will not have the mental space to think weak thoughts.

My challenge was both physical and mental as I allowed the physical pain and those thoughts to prevail for part of the workout. However, there was a point when we affirmed "I am strong," and that was the turning point for me. Focusing on my inner strength really fueled my energy for the workout. Pushing through the challenge and conquering that workout was an amazing feeling that was amplified by the affirmations. There is no doubt that the room was filled with an energy that was purely electrifying. I know that I felt unstoppable at that moment.

IntenSati is an amazing way to kick off a new year and get fired up about new goals. I'd highly recommend it to anyone. I encourage you to watch the video of Erin Stutland and IntenSati in action.

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