Monday, December 27, 2010

Fun Find: Whipped Lightning

Anyone who knows me knows that I think the fusion of dessert and alcohol is like the most brilliant collaboration ever. Doesn't liquor infused whipped cream sound like a GREAT idea? Like why hasn't someone done this yet? Oh but they have! Whipped Lightning is the "world's first alcohol-infused whipped cream." With flavors like Amaretto Whipahol and Strawberry Colada Whipahol, this fun find is not for the kiddies. It is 36.5 proof with over 15% alc/vol. Whether it's used to top a dessert, cocktail or hot beverage, this sounds like the perfect bonus to a sweet treat.

Can you handle another twist? Pinnacle Vodka has a whipped cream flavored vodka. Wait a minute! I just discovered a Chocolate Whipped flavor. Shut the front door!

Needless to say that these are both at the top of my todo list!

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  1. I finally tasted the whipped cream vodka, and it is just as good as I wanted it to be :-)


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