Monday, December 6, 2010

Fun Find: The Original Soup Man

With my new dedication to diversifying my diet, I've been researching foods to enhance my nutritional intake. I'd been craving lentil soup for quite a while now, and it wasn't until my friend told me that lentils are a good source of iron that it made sense. I am anemic, and every so often I have strong cravings for burgers, but this time was an interesting twist.

On a chilly day in New York City, I found the perfect answer to both the cold weather and my craving. On 55th and 8th I discovered The Original SoupMan who did in fact have lentil soup. For exactly $5 I got my soup, a piece of bread, an apple, and a Lindt Chocolate for dessert. It was like the perfect snack pack, and I was just as happy as I used to be when I had a lunchables in my lunchbox.

I will also be attempting to make a corn soup for the holidays. I'll report the results if it goes well.

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