Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From Memphis to Mississippi to Minneapolis

Two weeks later, and my trip is over. Although I’m satisfied with this trip and this summer overall, I am not happy about it being over, nor am I ready to get back to daily grind. I do think, though, that reminiscing about the highlights will help me put the cap on this trip/close out this season on a happy note.

I’m happy to report that I’ve accomplished some fun things on my todo list during this trip:

-an adventure ride (at the Minneapolis State Fair)

-a henna tattoo (also at the fair)

-caught up on the entire Sex and the City series

-saw (and enjoyed) a movie (Takers)

-went to California Pizza Kitchen (for the first time)

-read a book (Like Water for Chocolate) and started another (Eat. Pray. Love.)

I’ve also been comforted by so many great feelings during this trip. During the wedding festivities, I felt the love of girlfriends, and I was able to rekindle an old friendship. I was hugged with southern hospitality and fed with family love, and even though it was not my own it felt just the same. BBQ, sweet potato biscuits, Sock it to me cake…mmmmm. I was comforted through a game of spades with the ladies. Finally, I got to enjoy relaxing life in MN. It was absolutely refreshing, which was the perfect breath of fresh air to restore me for a new season.

Now it’s back to business. Gotta grind. Double time.

P.S. Summer may be coming to an end but the fun is not quite over yet. With my cousin coming in to town next week and another friend coming into town later in the month, more adventures are sure to come.

Part 2

So my flight home from MSP did not go quite as planned, but rewarding nonetheless. Due to mechanical difficulties with my designated plane (which never left Milwaukee), I’ve been reassigned to a reroute through Atlanta. Although I will be getting to LGA 5 hours later than originally planned, the inconvenience has granted me a free roundtrip flight (time to plan the next trip!), a meal voucher (we all know how much I love to eat), and a voucher towards my next flight purchase as well (SCORE!). Although the situation is inconvenient, I have learned (from worse experiences, unfortunately) that patience is the best strategy. We’ve all witnessed (and been tempted to be) those raging lunatics that find it their right to give it to the airline attendants. Now don’t get me wrong, flying is a far less pleasurable experience with all these fees, regulations and safety precautions, which can be frustrating, but flight delays and the like are not their fault, and I don’t think it’s fair to vent frustrations on those not responsible. And it has been my experience that people are more likely to help those who are pleasant. I encourage you too to exercise extra patience when faced with situations like this. Everybody’s day is better.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back in the Minne-apple

This is not much of a post, but I am checking in from Minneapolis. Many were baffled about my first visit, and some are even more perplexed by my return. Because this is where my partner in crime now resides, I see no better reason to explore a place that I would otherwise not have much reason to. So here I am again. Although the weather is not quite as warm as one would imagine summer weather, it was quite refreshing to wake up to the brisk air.

Actually, everything here is quite refreshing. Because of the winters endured here, there is such a genuine appreciation for the summertime, and one can certainly feel that. Things seem simple and pleasant, and that makes me happy.

As I continue to enjoy my time here, I'm counting down to the main event: the state fair.

Her Journey Magazine Anniversary Issue: 88 Things to do in NY

Going along with my Summer To Do List, Her Journey has released a special edition issue for our 2nd Anniversary: 88 Things to do in NY.

Open publication - Free publishing - More anniversary

How many of these things have you done?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer To Do List (in progress)

It has been quite a while since I’ve written. However, I am proud to say that this has been an amazing summer. I prefer living over writing about it any day. As the summer comes to a close I think it’s an appropriate time to revisit my Summer To Do List. And my plan is share some of my adventures over the next few weeks.

1. “I Love NY” shirt DONE 4.5.10

2. A trip DONE

a. 5.29.10-6.5.10- To Abaco

b. 8.18-8.31.10 To Memphis and Minneapolis

3. A roadtrip

4. Food challenge (pending Minneapolis State Fair)

5. Runamuck Festival (not done)

6. Yelo

7. Six Flags

8. Ride a motorcycle DONE 7.31.10

9. Hamptons DONE Mother’s Day

10. Dance class

11. Atlantic City

12. Learn new recipes (10) Chicken Parmesan DONE 6.25.10

13. New hair DONE 5.24.10

14. Karaoke DONE 6.9.10

15. craft

16. Chip Shop

17. Eleni’s Bakery

18. Red velvet search

19. Cavo

20. Four

21. Broadway show DONE

a. 6.24.10 Fela

b. 8.17.10 The Lion King

22. MANGO 3 points

23. Hotel Grace

24. Learn to double dutch

25. Rock climbing

26. Skydiving

27. macbar DONE 5.27.10

28. Weekend Getaway: Fire Island DONE 6.25.10-6.27.10

29. Attend a wedding DONE 8.21.10

What have you accomplished on your Summer To Do List?