Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am proud to report that I have checked off one more thing on my Summer To Do List. I don't remember how I found out about the macbar, but since hearing about it I've wanted to do. In a serendipitous way, while at a networking event that I really wasn't feeling, I noticed two women eating out of macbar containers and asked them where it was. A few contacts later I made my great escape to start my quest for the macbar.

I have to admit that it was bit smaller than I expected, but I soon realized that this little noodle shaped establishment had a lot of personality. Offering macaroni and cheese with a variety of embellishments including spinach, corned beef, and lobster, they have definitely taken the mac and cheese we all remember from our childhood to a whole new level. Yet they somehow still evoke that nostalgia with the noodle shaped lunchboxesque containers (which you get to keep!) they serve the meals in.

Naturally I went with the Mayan Chipotle, which includes chicken diablo, chihuahua cheese (which I found out is actually a real cheese), and green onions. Even though it wasn't as spicy as I would've liked, the red pepper flakes and sriracha sauce readily available rectified that minor detail. My little noodle packed a big punch. Garnished with green onion shavings, which added a little extra flavor and an eversoslight crunch with each bite. It was definitely topped with an extra helping of cheese before being baked. After penetrating the initial layer of cheese, I found savory chunks of chicken that had enough flavor to stand on their own.

I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there. It was quaint. Everyone was friendly. It was an interestingly run operation. While there I noticed that they skateboard! and that detail just fit too well.

Also while in the area I discovered a bookstore that was just too cute. The seating area had little personal sized tables that folded like books; The wall was lined with pages on a novel; And there were books suspended from the ceiling as light fixtures. When I have a reading room in a house of my own it will definitely have the feeling that I felt there.

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  1. Wow, how crazy. Travid is actually a bigger fan of the restaurant right next door-- it's called DELICATESSEN. They have a nice atmosphere, outdoor seating and decent food. We did pass the macbar- checked the menu but it just didn't toot our horns as much. Will give it a second thought now!


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