Monday, May 17, 2010

This feels "Just Wright"

As I mentioned in my last post, my journey has continued to get better. I was offered an amazing opportunity to not only view an advanced screening of Just Wright but also participate in a press interview session with Queen Latifah, Common, James Pickens and Sanaa Hamri (the director of the movie). Can we say A-MA-ZING! Meeting Queen Latifah has been on my life to do list, and it was just so surreal how it all happened. I have loved her work since her days as Khadijah on Living Single (for obvious reasons: I wanted to be just like Khadijah). I thoroughly enjoyed Last Holiday, I wanted to be her friend in Brown Sugar, and after seeing some of her recent interviews (particularly one she did on The Monique Show) I developed a whole new respect for her. Her mission is positive and she does through such empowering work, and I appreciate that. What I enjoyed most about this experience is that she was just as cool as I hoped she'd be. She entered the room glowing like a true queen, and she just sat down and spoke to us like long lost friends. Having yet another reason to be a fan of hers, I'm excited to check out her new book Put on Your Crown (which I will more than likely share a review on).

I cannot fail to mention how exciting it was to be in the same room as Common. He was sooo cool too. As great a rapper as many consider him, it was so cool to hear him talk about his newfound hunger for acting and his genuine desire to hone his craft.

Check out my first set of paparazzi shots.
Also, check out the review of Just Wright I wrote for Guts. Glam. Grace. Magazine.

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