Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer To Do List (in progress)

It has been quite a while since I’ve written. However, I am proud to say that this has been an amazing summer. I prefer living over writing about it any day. As the summer comes to a close I think it’s an appropriate time to revisit my Summer To Do List. And my plan is share some of my adventures over the next few weeks.

1. “I Love NY” shirt DONE 4.5.10

2. A trip DONE

a. 5.29.10-6.5.10- To Abaco

b. 8.18-8.31.10 To Memphis and Minneapolis

3. A roadtrip

4. Food challenge (pending Minneapolis State Fair)

5. Runamuck Festival (not done)

6. Yelo

7. Six Flags

8. Ride a motorcycle DONE 7.31.10

9. Hamptons DONE Mother’s Day

10. Dance class

11. Atlantic City

12. Learn new recipes (10) Chicken Parmesan DONE 6.25.10

13. New hair DONE 5.24.10

14. Karaoke DONE 6.9.10

15. craft

16. Chip Shop

17. Eleni’s Bakery

18. Red velvet search

19. Cavo

20. Four

21. Broadway show DONE

a. 6.24.10 Fela

b. 8.17.10 The Lion King

22. MANGO 3 points

23. Hotel Grace

24. Learn to double dutch

25. Rock climbing

26. Skydiving

27. macbar DONE 5.27.10

28. Weekend Getaway: Fire Island DONE 6.25.10-6.27.10

29. Attend a wedding DONE 8.21.10

What have you accomplished on your Summer To Do List?

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