Thursday, January 13, 2011

NYC Restaurant Week (Jan 24-Feb 6)


New York City Restaurant Week is approaching, and we all know how excited I am about that. This is the chance to venture out to restaurants that may not be the regular budget for a reduced price. I also think about it as a good excuse to try different types of cuisine.

Who's excited?! Which restaurants are you going to try?
A quick PSA for all the servers who are obligated to participate in this promotion:
Please keep in mind that it is the owner's choice to participate in this. Servers who are used to much higher checks per table must now deal with this discount, which affects their tips. Not that it is your obligation to pay their bill because they are the ones who chose this job. However, please do not go in with attitude that they owe you this deal, and if you can it would be a nice gesture to give them a little more than you usually would. Bottomline: please be kind to your server. Kindness makes everybody's day better :-)
(This was a public service announcement from A Concerned Server)
Are there are servers out there who have experienced Restaurant Week? What was your experience like?

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