Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HGTV Aint Got Nothin' on Me

I don't really think that, but I thought it was a fun title.

Actually, I've been very inspired by, maybe even a little addicted to, how those experts can transform spaces. As I've mentioned before, I've taken on a little makeover project myself, and I am very proud of how everything has turned out.

Let's all remember how it started:

And now, the final product (with the newest addition of the ottoman, nightstand and curtains):

I've kept all of my receipts, and the overall cost of this entire project is under $500. And the feeling is priceless.


  1. NICE! I love the Ottoman & color of the walls.

  2. Love the color purple and the black and white to go with it. Good job on only spending 500! woohoo!


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