Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Game Returns!

The return of The Game has been a hot topic for a few months now. After losing Girlfriends so abruptly, we just couldn't accept another cancellation without a fight. After what we thought was The Game's finale, we were left with so many questions: Will Jason and Kelly get back together? Is Derwin really the father of Janae's baby? Will Tasha and Rick get married? What will happen to Tasha and Kelly's friendship?

Over a year later, The Game returned and millions of fans, old and new, anxiously awaited the season premiere. From the teaser commercials to the cast appearances on various shows, 1.11.11, could not come fast enough. I was so excited I orchestrated a Season Premiere party because I would not have been able to contain all of my excitement if I watched it alone. Because I was such a Game fan/cheerleader in the weeks leading up to the premiere I thought it only right that I share my thoughts of The Game's return.

It's two years later and we're introduced to our favorite characters...amplified. The first thing that comes to mind is that song "Alllll the Way Tuuurned Up." It's the high energy that the show brought from the beginning, turned up a few notches. After the hour long season premier, I have to say that there was a whole lot going on, and I'm not really feeling all of it. I'm not a fan of Kelly's new personality. I'm definitely not feeling this new Brit Brat. I could live without Terrence in the show, but I can deal with it. Something about the show felt a little bit forced. It did not feel quite as genuine as the show we all fell in love with. I loved the friendship trios, and the dynamic has changed a bit, which felt weird.

With that being said, I understand that after such a long hiatus and with such a highly anticipated return, there was a need to bring the show back with a bang, and that is what they did. They delivered the drama. I postponed this post until after the second episode because I wanted to give the show more of a chance to unfold before critiquing too harshly. I am happy to see that the girl trio is back in tact. I'm willing to forgive the corny reconciliation because I'm just happy that they're back. I'm less forgiving of the random boobage scene because I didn't see the point. Also, Jason's singing scene might be the Kim Zolsiac of 2011 (not cool).

Despite the mental notes I took, I'll be tuned in every week because I'm still a fan of the show. And I still have questions: what happened to Camille? and Rick? So I'm hoping to get more answers with each new episode.

Random side note: Even though I didn't think Hosea Chanchez, was exactly like his character Malik, I never really paid much attention to him because I was always so caught up on Pooch. But during this last round of cast appearances, I saw a side of Hosea that was such a pleasant surprise. So yea I'm crushing on him a little bit.

Long story short, I'm happy the show is back and it's a big deal right now. 7.7 MILLION people tuned in for the premiere. I'm happy to see something we really wanted come into fruition the way this did.


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