Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun Friday: 5 Cheap Treats under $5

Who says you have to break your pockets to have fun? I sure don't. Eating is one of my absolute favorite things to do, so I make it a priority and am willing to spend a few extra dollars for a great dining experience (instead of on a new pair of shoes or a weekly manicure, but I digress). However, you don't always have to spend a lot for a tasty treat. I've found some great food deals, all under $5:

2 Bros Pizza (Several locations)
I remember my elementary school days when I would go to the pizza shop after school for a slice that was $1.25. Now, especially in Manhattan, that is not a reality. EXCEPT at 2 Bros Pizza, where a slice is $1 (no tax!) ALL THE TIME. My first time seeing the sign, my thoughts went from "this can't be true!" to "this is a dream come true!" The best part about it is that the pizza is really good. Because of the high volume of traffic they get, they're popping pizzas out like a factory. Chances are that your slice will be hot and fresh. This is where I go for a quick pizza fix.

Gray's Papaya (Several locations)
This is no secret because Gray's Papaya has been around a while and has been featured on shows (like Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations) and even made appearances in movies (like The Back Up Plan). That doesn't make it any less exciting to get the Recession Special: two hot dogs and a drink for less than $5. How can it get any better? It's open 24 hours. That's how!

Croxley's (28 Avenue B; also in Long Island)
Imagine a place where wings are 10 cents and there are over 100 different beers to choose from. This place exists, and it is called Croxley's. I don't even drink beer, but at Croxley's you just have to. Who can resist a beer and wings for under $5?

Agozar Cuban Restaurant (324 Bowery)
Grab a buddy (or a stranger) and get 2 for 1 tapas. From Costillas (ribs) to the Cubaniche (Cuban sandwich), they offer some tasty treats. Happy hour is 5pm-7pm, and drinks are 2 for 1 too!

IHOP (Several locations)
Please forgive me. This is only available for a limited time, and with tax it is more than $5. However, all-you-can-eat pancakes at IHOP for $4.99 is one of my all-time favorite deals. I just had to include it.

There are countless deals throughout the New York City. Please believe that I will continue to share as I discover them.

What cheap treats do you indulge in?

P.S. NYC Restaurant Week is coming up (Jan 24-Feb 6)! It's the perfect opportunity to try a restaurant that may normally be outside of the normal budget at a discounted price.

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