Monday, January 31, 2011


It's almost February, and I'm updating my plans for 2011. So far so good, but I want better. As I think about my goals for this new month, I am thankful for the clarity I now have compared to just months ago. Participating in the She Creates Change program has certainly challenged me to dedicate some serious thought to my desires, and I have achieved a whole new sense of clarity as a result.

I remember the summers from when I was younger. Whenever we heard the jingle of the Mister Softee truck, there were those few precious moments to scamper around the house for money (maybe grab some shoes) and run outside before the truck passed the house. I remember one time in particular, my aunt asked if I wanted anything. Unable to decide, I pondered the options available. By the time I decided, the truck had already passed, and I was disappointed because I had finally set my expectations for a chocolate cone with sprinkles.

My mom has always told me that if you don't know what you want, you don't get anything, and this memory reminds me of that. I share this story to encourage you to figure out exactly what it is you want out of life or it will pass you by like the ice cream truck. Don't be the kid on the block with the poo poo face.

I have to add that Gabrielle Bernstein's book Add More ~Ing to Your Life has been instrumental in helping me find this clarity as well. I would definitely recommend checking out the book as well as her lecture.


  1. Love this!!It is true if you dont know what you want it will be difficult to achieve anything. Most of us know what we want but let fear get in the way.

    2011 is our year! Lets do it girl!! :)

  2. I absolutely agree and relate to the concept and the example. Nice thought to have starting my day :)


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