Sunday, August 7, 2011

Seattle: Other Fun Stuff

I am so happy I stumbled upon Wax On Spa, not only because my eyebrows were in need of some serious attention but also because I finally got myself a copy of CRAVE seattle (which Wax On Spa is in).

It's obvious that they taking waxing seriously. I was surprised to see an array of different wax options in a number of fragrances. I also thought it was a cute touch that they offered lingerie options that are a nice little bonus to accentuate some of their wax services.

Fly Fitness, which is also included in the CRAVE guide, won me over with their FUNky style. I'm such a sucker for clever marketing, and everything about Fly Fitness' identity is (for lack of a better word) fly. From the breathtaking views that serve as a backdrop for runners to the exquisite studio, the details create nothing but an enjoyable experience for guests. I would love to go back for one of their Sporty Soirees.

Even though I was not involved in the Rain City Rock Camp, I was inspired by their "Girls Rock!" message. As I shared in my first Seattle post, my main reason for the trip was to escort my friend's niece (who we'll call Patty Schwab) on the cross-country flight. After two weeks of camp, where she enjoyed a variety of different sports, she went to Rain City Rock Camp for a week. I could not believe the transformation we saw after just the first day. When we picked her up that evening, she was so excited to share her stories that she didn't even get all the way into the car before rattling off all her favorite parts of the day. As the week progressed, we witnessed her style evolve, her confidence blossom, not to mention the singing in the bathroom. From song writing activities and band practice to lunch time performances and the big concert at the end, it seemed like an amazing experience that the girls not only enjoyed but really benefited from. I even wished I could share in the experience. You don't have to take my word for it, local publications like the Stranger and Seattle Weekly are singing their praises. I'm so proud of our little rock-stars!

Even though Sky High Sports is included in Memorable Firsts post, seemed appropriate for this one too:
Believe it or not, I had my first experience on a trampoline at Sky High Sports. (It's possible that I've been on a trampoline at some during my childhood, but I honestly don't remember. It's been on my to do list in my adult life for quite some time now.) I have to admit that I felt a bit ridiculous as one of the few adults (maybe the only adult with no children) there as groups of children ran by me. I was even a little bit intimidated at first when I saw what looked like a field of trampolines.

Watching the children, some who looked like they'd barely mastered walking, bound across the field of trampolines and bounce off the walls, it was only a matter of time before I was infected by their contagious energy. I was also inspired by the freedom I saw in a few women who were doing bouncing exercise. With all of that combined with the intensity I witnessed in the dodge-ball game in an enclosed pit, I was ready to go. I immediately realized that it was not as easy as the others made it look. Although I eventually got the hang of it, I was surprised by how much physical effort it took. I enjoyed the release and the freedom that came with each bounce. I enjoyed t so much that I'd love to develop my trampoline skills.

Not only does Sky High Sports offer a fun atmosphere, but with their dodge-ball pit and AIRobics classes, they also create a unique trampoline experience. It became clear within minutes of my experience that this is fun for all ages. I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

I found a YouTube video that shows just how cool this place is:

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