Monday, August 1, 2011

Seattle: Brunch

Coastal Kitchen
I'm so happy that I listened to my friend about going to this place. I'm also happy that I was able to go on a weekday to avoid the infamous lines that happen at this popular spot.

My choice of the Dungeness Crab Cake breakfast was the best decision I made that day. I can't remember if I've ever had poached eggs before, but no previous experience even matters before this one. These were good enough to make me obsessed. The contrast of the texture over the crispy crab cake topped with the mornay sauce created a happy sensation in my mouth. I liked the idea of the spicy hash browns more than I actually enjoyed them, but with some black pepper, hot sauce and ketchup they were good too. The fruit topped the meal off nicely. I was seriously sad and genuinely disappointed when it was over. I also enjoyed the orange/pineapple mate (a tea-like drink) that I tried.

I went a second time for Hazelnut Cinnamon pancakes, which were a dream come true. In my dream, it was actually waffles but they definitely did the trick.

The staff was very friendly, and I enjoyed the Argentina inspired theme that created a cozy ambiance. The funny, witty menu was a nice touch.

The Crumpet Shop
This cheap treat definitely delivered a bang for my buck. It was so cute to see the operation happening right behind the counter. I was impressed by how the order taker memorized the list of orders and switched into crumpet making mode. Even though I was a bit overwhelmed by the options, torn between the different combinations of meats, cheeses and jams, I am so happy with my choice of green eggs (eggs with pesto) and ham. My crumpet was warm and fresh and buttered, and I savored every bite of my yummy little treat.

CJ's Eatery
The Country Fried Steak was just what the doctor ordered after a night out. The breading was well seasoned, which left a nice after taste. I can't say that I loved the entire meal or the entire experience, but it certainly did the trick for the moment.

I didn't love Julia's but I enjoyed it. Check out my Yelp review to see what I thought.

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