Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Seattle: Happy Hour

I've been intrigued by Pnk Ultra Lounge since my visit in May, and seeing it in the CRAVE Seattle guide was confirmation that I needed to check it out. Because I was so determined to accomplish this one thing on my Seattle to do list, I decided to treat myself to happy hour. After much anticipation, I am happy that it lived up to my expectations.

I was immediately impressed by the oh so chic decor of white seating and pink lighting. The ceiling of the main bar area looks as if dressed with a rain-shower of crystals, which was very Vegas-esque. Because it is on the top floor of the mall, the outdoor seating overlooks downtown Seattle. With two bars and a third bar seating area, the layout is very spacious. The detail that topped it all off was the bathroom that is really more like a ladies lounge. Not only is there cute and comfy seating, but this is the first bathroom in which I have ever seen a bar.

I appreciated that the bartender used his experience from working on the Virgin Islands to make me a rum punch with Bacardi Dragonberry, which was tasty and potent. I really enjoyed the baked mac and cheese, which was super duper cheesy, and the big noodles made it pretty satisfying. I loved the sliders less than I wanted to, but I think it was the caramelized onions that were throwing it off for me.

Even if I did not consume anything during my time at Bin on the Lake, the experience would have been unforgettable. Upon walking up to it, my breath was taken away by the view surrounding the entire area. This was when I had a "I think I love Seattle" moment. Although this is a bit outside of the main Seattle area, this is the type of atmosphere that I crave and can imagine myself surrounded by on a regular basis.

Because it was a quick stop before the main CRAVE event, I just had a glass of Prosecco and a few bites of calamari, which came with a sauce that I couldn't get enough of. I've already decided that this is on my list of reasons to return. My imagination and my taste buds are tickled by the opportunity to indulge in a full dining experience.

I've found that the happy hour options seem to never end and can be a bit overwhelming. However, GoTime is a handy resource that sorts happy hours by specific criteria and keeps it as fun as it should be.

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