Saturday, August 6, 2011

Seattle: Nightlife

Beyond the reggae nights (Sundays at WAIDS, Mondays at Baltic Room, Thursdays at War Room, Fridays at Afriq), we ventured out to explore more of what Seattle nightlife had to offer.

I loved the vibe of Lucid Jazz Lounge. It was my first time trying Boulettes (Haitian meatballs), which were really tasty. As I shared in my Yelp review,"It's obvious that they were well seasoned and made with authentic passion." I also tried a Manhattan, which was actually called a Brooklyn: A rye Manhattan made without bitters, instead we use maraschino liqueur and Dolin Rouge vermouth. The live band set a nice and relaxing mood for the intimate setting.

We also had a really good time at Babalu. The DJ kept the songs coming, and a local group kept the crowd on the dance floor with their version of some of the hottest party songs out right now along with some of their originals.

Republiq was the place that reminded the most of NY clubs. Maybe it was the size and the layout of the club; maybe it was the lights that filled the room; maybe it was the crowd or the music. Whatever it was, I felt right at home and had a good time there.

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