Sunday, October 10, 2010

Operation: Transformation

I just might become the new poster child for She Creates Change. Since starting the program I have seen some interesting progress in my life, and I'm excited to see how it continues to unfold. I cannot even express how much I would recommend a program like this to anyone looking for a change.

So in this life transformation that I am going through, I have decided to redo my bedroom. My mission is to create a space that I get excited about every time I'm in it; one that is reflective of my personality, allows me to relax, and recharges me.

I remember first getting excited about creating this space when I read Chapter 10 of Amy DuBois Barnett's book Get Yours! How to Have Everything You Dreamed of and More. When I made the decision to take on this makeover project, I reread the chapter to get some extra motivation to get started. Since starting the project I've found A Slob Comes Clean, a blog about a woman sharing her journey to an orderly home. It has been comforting to read some of her posts that express EXACTLY how I feel about how hard it is to maintain a completely clean environment in the midst of an otherwise demanding schedule. I feel like as soon as I clean my desk, I get another pile of unwanted things in the mail; or when I'm trying to clean, I run into a bunch of things that I don't know exactly where to put. However, I've accepted that it is a process and it will take some new habits to tackle this problem. What I need to do is include organization time in my schedule on a regular basis. I just found the March 2010 Issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, which addresses the theme "De-Clutter Your Life." I've already found some great articles in it, and I'm going to keep it on my desk (in a neat corner, of course) to guide me on the rest of this journey.

Operation: Room Transformation (work in progress)

Phase 1: Cleanse

-recycle excess unwanted paper

-remove unwanted furniture


-miscellaneous trash

-donate clothes to: Salvation Army, Dress for Success, etc.

Phase 2: Research

-feng shui


I picked the colors that I want for my walls. So my next step is paint shopping. Yay for progress!

I think this is called growing up :-)

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