Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10.14: Another bloggers event

Desiree Frieson is on a mission! After a great Bloggers Soiree, which raised over $500 for Restore NYC, she is at it again with a FREE Bloggers Social. HerJourneyMag.com and RedRoverStyle.com are on board for another great event. As I work on building my blog, I'm really excited about meeting fellow NYC bloggers.

Here are my top 5 things from the Bloggers Soiree:
1. I met Alexis, the winner of the IAAS.com competition that I entered earlier this year. It was a surreal experience, and what was most exciting is that she was sooo pleasant.
2. Playing the Keep It Real Game. It was a very interesting game that gives you the opportunity to really think about yourself and even discover things about yourself and those you're playing with.
3. Hearing the funky sounds of Alexis Foxe. My favorite line from one of her songs was "My grandpa always said 'the early bird eats breakfast twice'" LOVED that! LOL.
4. The tremendous support that went to Restore NYC and raised awareness about sex trafficking.
5. Seeing how Desiree planned this event with undying determination was inspiring and stretched my own ideas of planning an event.

See what people had to say about the Bloggers Soiree (click to read the full articles):
-"All in all it was a great event." ~The Manifesto Part 2
-"Most importantly, this event made strides in helping to end human trafficking by providing a safe house for victims through the donations made to Restore NYC." ~Red Rover Style
-"...a fantastic event." ~Desiree Frieson

I'm really looking forward to the Bloggers Social. Get your tickets ASAP because free things go fast.

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