Sunday, October 17, 2010

OMG! I'm gonna be on TV!

Hopefully you'll see me.

A few weeks ago I went to a taping of the Rachael Ray show! (Now I can cross that off my Life To Do List. YES!) And yes it was as cool as I'd hoped it would be.

The experience was great from the beginning: I was comforted to see such a friendly staff. The opening comedian/show hype man (I wish I wrote his name down. I'm going to do some research to find it) was hilarious and set a great tone for the show.

I remember how excited I was when Rachael first introduced her rotating set, and experiencing it was even cooler than I imagined. I was so happy to find out that Rachael Ray is just as personable as she seems. In some dead time in between the taping, the audience got the opportunity to ask her questions, which she was more than happy to answer candidly. Although she did admit that she was tired (I can't even imagine what her schedule is like), she quickly got into the swing of things. PLUS, she had on some really cute peep-toe booties that are on now on my wish list.

No visit to the Rachael Ray Show would make sense without a tasty treat. We got some cupcakes from Butch Bakery. The owner is a former Wall Street executive, who reinvented himself with a mission to also transform cupcakes into a manly snack. With unique, masculine flavors, like Rum & Coke and Beer Run, the cupcakes are so big that I felt like I was eating a cheeseburger.

There was a fun segment with Ted Danson, who was there to talk about his show Bored To Death. There was also a brief segment on the Jonas Brothers' Day Made Better Campaign, in which they collaborated with Office Max to donate school supplies to a school in California. (For some reason, that segment aired on September 29th.)

With a Bored to Death DVD, a Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam DVD, a copy of Rachael Ray Magazine, and some more snacks to show for it, I must say that I had a GREAT time.

The show is airing on Tuesday, October 19th. My DVR is already set. I hope you can catch it. Look for me!


  1. lol. Exciting. I wish I had time to go visit the Tyra show- I've always wanted to meet her.

  2. Sounds like fuuuun, Dani girl!

  3. Tracita, me too! I love Tyra. We just have to find some other way to meet her ;-)

    Tonita, twas fun! :-)

    I forgot to mention the odd segment with Dr. Ian Smith :-/

    I caught a glimpse of myself. I'm happy with that :-)

  4. Congratulations to you. Hope you you look so gorgeous everytime on tv with fashionable look. I love your outfit , cropped denim jacket is my favorite and fashionable too. I always look for fashionable outfits like you. And it's very happy to here the news about your show. Best of luck.


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