Friday, October 23, 2009

Queens Restaurant Week: Cavo

Next stop, Cavo Mediterranean Restaurant.

Talk about step out of your comfort zone. Cavo was my first experience with Mediterranean cuisine (that I can recall). However, after stepping into this beautiful restaurant, we were convinced that our experience could only get better. The high ceiling and multi level layout create a breathtaking but welcoming space, which is graced by the natural light pouring in. With the option of the outdoor garden, Cavo is certainly fit for any special occasion. I cannot forget to mention the friendly hostess, caring owners Tommy (our very own Jason Statham, as Tracey referred to him) and Jessie who greeted our table and checked on us and our lovely waiter Nick, all who contributed to our pleasant time at Cavo. Although we didn’t witness it firsthand, I can only imagine how the live music adds to the ambiance.

We started off with the flowered zucchini, which was fried and filled with a zucchini paste. Even though I don’t consider myself a fan of zucchini I enjoyed the appetizer.

I was immediately intrigued by the squid ink linguine. Despite a bit of apprehension, I went for it and enjoyed it. Linguine made black with squid ink served with scallops and capers is certainly something I had never even heard of before but would definitely eat again.

Taking Tommy’s advice, my partner in crime, Abby, ordered the striped bass with pasta and pesto so that we could get a taste of both items we were curious about. Definitely delicious! The fish was slightly crisp on the outside but well flavored and juicy on the inside, and the pesto added its unmistakable flavor to the dish.

Tracey was also pleased with her baby chicken dish (which was later referred to as "chicken fantasy"), which was served with tri-colored cauliflower and mock mashed potatoes that tickled her fancy.

Because I can never resist dessert, I went with the molten cake, which wasn’t unlike others I’ve had but yummy nonetheless.

Compliments to the chef!


  1. Merely reading about this would've made my mouth water, but upon seeing the pictures my stomach is now protesting loud and proud! Those dishes seem heavenly and as a first visit to your blog I have to say that your description of each deserves a tip of my hat to you, dear lady :)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  2. You can't knock it 'til you try it. lol.
    The sea bass really was delicious, and the squid ink linguine didn't taste as odd as it looked. Promise :-)


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