Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Queens Restaurant Week: Balu Cafe

First stop, Balu Café in Astoria. Balu transforms casual dining with a cute and swanky environment. I immediately fell in love with the white lounge seating, and the waterfall cascading over plasma and electric fireplace only added to the chic ambiance.

From the prefixed Restaurant Week menu, I chose (I was more than pleased with each choice):

-the lobster cake with chipotle aioli and green beans in balsamic vinaigrette-which had a nice crisp shell, and the chipotle aioli gave it an extra punch of flavor

-steak forestiere-grilled hanger with mushroom and burgundy sauce roasted potato cake and asparagus- all I have to say is “succulent.” I even ate the asparagus, which I usually don’t eat.

-and chocolate pudding-which was so rich, and the fresh strawberry was definitely a bonus

I will certainly be back for weekend brunch. I’m already torn between the baked French toast and the chocolate filled pancakes. However, I’m already anticipating the mimosas.

Next stop, Cavo Mediterranean Restaurant.

There’s still time! Queens Restaurant Week ends tomorrow.

AND from October 12-23, it's Huntington Restaurant Week!


  1. The Lobster cake sounds absolutely fabulous!!! I wish that I could hop over there and eat 100 of them! : )

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I like yours as well! That lobster and chocolate pudding w/ fresh strawberries sound DELISH!!!



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