Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gotta Love NY!

It's moments like these when I'm reminded of why I just LOVE my hometown, New York. In New York, you see the most unexpected things. You quickly learn not to question them but to simply enjoy the entertainment.

A few days ago, as I'm on the Conduit on the way to Brooklyn, I saw a motorcycle show. I must also add this show was right in the middle of the street, among traffic. Motorcycles always tickle my fancy, so of course I was excited to see some spontaneous entertainment. From the Conduit all the way to Atlantic Ave. these riders popped wheelies, stood on one foot on top of their bikes, and, might I add, took pictures of each other, not even concerned with the traffic they were holding up.

Because I was in no rush, I found the whole thing hilarious; And I couldn't resist the opportunity to capture the moment myself. Imagine me weaving through traffic with camera in hand to keep up with the riders that almost escaped me at every light.

Note: I apologize for the quality of the photos. I'm working on improving my action shots. lol.

I thought this was fitting :-)


  1. Those motorcycles groups sometimes scare the hell out of me - lol!! But I'm sure they are enjoying the ride ;-)

  2. Too funny! I love it when random events occur and make me laugh.

  3. Yes, Pink Heels, these kind of things make my day.

    And Midtown Girl, I LOVE motorcycles. Getting one of my own is on my to do list!


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