Monday, May 2, 2011

My Mani and Me

Although manicures are not something I do often because they are not high on my priority list, I can always appreciate some good me time. I enjoy the experience even more when it offers something unique. I thought I'd share my favorite manicure experiences, each with its own unique twist:

Mani and Martini
Whether you prefer a bar that does manis like the Beauty Bar (which offers the combo for $10) or a salon that serves martinis like Dashing Diva (which offers other spa services), this is a certainly a combo that will tickle a woman's fancy. Both have locations throughout the country.

Mani Anytime
In the city that never sleeps, it makes so much sense to have a salon that can meet your beauty needs at any time of the day or night. Hair Party 24HR offers manicures (and other spa and hair services) 24 hours a day. This sounds like the perfect solution after a late night at work or before a flight or night out on the town.

Mani Comes to You

SPArties Mobile Spa was already known for bringing you the luxury of a massage in the comfort of your own home. They have recently added SPArties Shots: mini services like aromatherapy hand massages, the perfect bonus to any gathering of your girls, no matter where you are.

W!NK Eco Beauty Bar offers eco friendly manicures (and other spa and beauty services) with completely organic products for a pure experience. They even offer MINX nails.

Do-It-Yourself Mani
The budget friendly option can be just as appealing with products like Mary Kay's Satin Hands, which delivers baby booty soft hands (and feet if desired). Fun designs are no longer exclusive to salons with fun finds like Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail strips.

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  1. I'm not much for going to salons to get mani/pedis either, but I'm usually down to treat myself for special occasions...or when I'm in Queens and I tend to find better deals than those that you can snag anywhere else in big U.S. cities. The cheapest mani-pedi I ever experienced was abroad, in Rio de Janeiro. Although the spot was not the most convincingly sanitary, I walked out with sparkling nails for about $10, total. (Note: Products and services in Brazil tend to run quite cheap.)

    One of these days, when I locate the money tree, I totally intend to get a Juut Salon nail technician named Marcus to hook up my nails. (Juut is an Aveda salon and my favorite spot in the Twin Cities to get fancy :D) Check him out at

  2. I'm curious about his pedicure massage. It sure sounds like he knows what he's doing. The thought tickles me, literally. Pedicures are tricky for me.

    I'll me sure to get a mani/pedi whenever I make it to Brazil.

    Thanks for sharing Tonita!


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