Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Kid in a Candy Store

An impromptu trip to DUMBO allowed me to stumble upon Dewey's Candy, and it was a magical experience. I feel like the expression "kid in a candy store" is discrimination because adults like candy too. (They are actually those same kids who are just all grown up.) But being in that store did take me on a trip down memory lane through my childhood.

Did anybody else used to pretend that Smarties were "adult pills"? I thought that taking pills (because I had witnessed my grandparents taking medication on a daily basis) was a part of being an adult. So to savor my Smarties (instead of devouring the whole pack in seconds like I usually did) I would pretend they were my pills and would pop one in my mouth every few minutes (probably seconds). The Atomic Fireballs reminded me of the first time I tried one. When I was in either first or second grade, I tried to sneak and eat it during class. The heat was such a shock to my system that I spit it right out onto my notebook. When I tried to wipe it off, I just smeared it into a big red and sticky splotch. (I don't remember if I ended up handing in the assignment like that or if I had to do it over.)

I was honestly overwhelmed (in the best possible way of course) by how many different kinds of candy were in one place. On one wall, there were the old school treats like Push Pops and Pez. Then there was a wall with stuff like gummy bears and sour rings. Of course my favorite wall had chocolate covered everything from pretzels and graham crackers to cookie dough and oreos. There was even a section of specialty colored M & Ms, which had more colors than a rainbow, like teal, maroon, gold, and black. I was so mesmerized as I jumped from one treat to the next that I know I missed half of the goodies there, which means another trip is a must.

It was such a bonus treat to meet Dewey herself, who was such a sweetie pie. I also love that Dewey's supports The Trevor Project, which is raising awareness about and taking a stand against bullying, which is unfortunately also a childhood memory that many have. If being bullied is part of your childhood memory that you'd like to fight back against, you an easily do so by buying a Dewey's t-shirt.

It's funny how all of this happened to happen on the way to reBar, where I had a pretty amazing burger and oh-so-cheesy gouda mac and cheese.

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