Monday, May 23, 2011


Last time I went to Seattle (in 2008), I did the touristy stuff: The Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the Ride the Duck tour, and it was a good time.

This time around I felt more at home, and I had an even better time. It was probably because of all the food involved:

It all started with sushi, which I can now say I enjoy. At Tuna House, we started with a roll that was really good, even though I don't remember what was on it. We also had a caterpillar roll, which was so cute I didn't want to eat him. It was in the shape of a caterpillar with eyes made out of octopus and green pepper antenna. (He was a cuter version of this guy.)

Later at 22, I sipped a Pontiac, which was a cocktail of Metaxa brandy and pomegranate liquor with muddled orange and lemon and garnished with a sugared rim, which was my favorite part because it gave the drink a sweet finish. I tried the red beet and squash soup, which was tasty and interesting, and the tortilla in a skillet: potatoes, tomato pesto and mozzerella cheese, was full of flavor. I enjoyed the taste of the grueyere mac and cheese that my friend ordered too.

Some solo exploration led me to Ezell's, which I hear is an Oprah favorite. After tasting the chicken with crispy skin and juicy meat with spicy flavor and the little buttered cloud of heaven of a roll, I know why.

Another jaunt led me to Catfish Corner, who boasts their farm raised catfish. The experience started with the most pleasant cashier. While waiting, I was so amused by a woman (whose expression probably matched my own) smiling in anticipation. Then came my plate piled with catfish, with beans and rice, potato salad and cornbread. You know a meal is good when the side items are just as memorable as the main event. I have to admit that I didn't love the cornbread, but the other two sides were so full of flavor that I was conflicted about which to taste next with each bite. I had the dilemma of wanting to save some to enjoy the experience again later but I did not want to stop eating.

Captain Blacks piqued my interest simply because I saw fried mac and cheese on their menu. It was interesting. It came with a tasty sauce, but I'm not sure if I loved it. I think if it had sausage or bacon and jalapenos that would have made my taste buds happy. The chicken and waffles that my friend ordered looked tasty too.

Not only did I get to do Chocolopolis happy hour, but my chocolate lover's dreams came true at the Luxury Chocolate Salon. There were so many delicious delectables, from chocolate wine and healthy chocolate to goat cheese chocolate. Chef Michael Poole's white chocolate lemon meringue truffle was definitely among my favorite.

I can't forget to mention my tasty chorizo, potato and manchego omelet at Table 219's brunch.

Even though we didn't eat there, Dick's Drive-In left an impression on me. Maybe next time.

Fun Finds (a few things that helped me navigate through Seattle)
  • My lovely host provided me with my own guest key from Wackeys, which was really cute.
  • an online food delivery service that's also available in other cities.
  • a happy hour resource that is also available in various cities throughout the country.

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  1. PS The main question I get every time I tell someone about my trip: "Did it rain the whole time?" No it didn't. It rained twice I think.

    Contrary to the misconception about poor Seattle, it doesn't rain all the time. The weather was beautiful.


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