Thursday, February 3, 2011

NYC Restaurant Week: Angelo & Maxie's

Determined to not let the snow ruin my plans again, I finally made it out for NYC Restaurant Week. With my gift card to Angelo & Maxie's it was perfect way to share the experience with my Her Journey team member and blogging buddy Desiree!

The mood was set with a Peach Fizz Up (Absolut, Champagne, peach schnapps and orange juice), a fruity and tasty concoction that put me in a relaxed, island state of mind. We got warmed up with the soup of the day: a black bean puree. The main event, the Filet Mignon au Poivre, packed way more punch than I expected. Even though our waitress sizzled it as a spicy dish, crusted in black pepper, my mouth watered in anticipation, but I honestly underestimated it. It was a hefty cut of meat that was full of flavor and spice. Accompanied by creamy mashed potatoes and the biggest stalks of asparagus that I've ever seen, the meal was more than I could handle. I had to throw in the towel prematurely. However, not before topping it all off with black and white cheesecake, which I usually don't eat, but drizzled with raspberry sauce, it was a tasty treat.

After such a satisfying meal, I would highly recommend Angelo & Maxie's, and I will definitely be back. I must go back for the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich, which they say is for two people but I don't know yet if I plan to share.

The best part is that some of the participating restaurants have chosen to extend the Restaurant Week menu to February 28!

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