Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Call Me Danni Danja!

At last night's She Creates Change gathering, we had the pleasure of having Leigh Van Swall of Duckies in a Row as our guest speaker. The topic of the evening was fear and Leigh encouraged us to think of a time when we were courageous to use as a reminder in the future when fear rears its ugly head. We also had an assignment to create our own superheros.

Some of you have already met my Superwoman alter ego Miss Journey, but she has since grown up and now goes by Danni Danja.

Her theme song of the moment is Katy Perry's Firework.

Reminiscent of Carmen Sandiego (minus the thievery) Danni Danja wears a wide brim hat cocked to the side and a trench coat that doubles as a cape.

Her Super Louboutins allow her to literally hop from one country to the next in a single step. She has the ability to stretch and hold hands with one person from two countries at once, connecting them and bringing the cultures together.

Her telepathy allows her to detect a person's needs and deliver whatever they without any conversation. Her super golden breast plate magnifies and radiates her love as soon as she enters the room.

Danni Danja rides through the New York City streets on a motorcycle like it's a video game and has the power to change her clothes simultaneously when duty calls.

It was a great exercise that left us all feeling empowered. My favorite part was that my superhero is much closer to who I already am than I thought. It was a great reminder that we all do have a little superhero in us, and we have to let her strut her stuff.

P.S. I am constantly amazed by the superwomen I call friends. Allow me to introduce you to my superhero friend Action Jackson who is running the NYC Half Marathon and has vowed to raise $1500 for Housing Works, who is dually dedicated to tackling HIV and homelessness. It would be great if you could support her and her mission. Click here for more information.

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