Tuesday, February 16, 2010

'Tis the Season to Celebrate: Mardi Gras (and Carnival in TnT)

Despite the snow we’re getting hit with AGAIN, let’s embrace Mardi Gras and take a quick mental escape to New Orleans. What I love most about New York is its ability to transport you to various places around the world. Even though I have yet to satisfy my burning desire to visit “Nawlins” I have been fortunate enough to catch a few quick glimpses of the culture right here in NYC. Even though I'm sure the experience pales in comparison to the real thing, I was captivated by the richness of the culture, which was reflected in the rich flavor of the food, which I fell in love with. From my first Mardi Gras experience during my senior year in high school to a more recent good time, these places hold a few of my fondest memories:

Mardi Gras
7020 Austin Street
Forest Hills, NY 11375

Bourbon Street Cafe
40-12 Bell Blvd.
Bayside, NY 11361

With the bonus of Super Bowl Championship, this year’s festivities are sure to be BIG. Even if you are hundreds of miles away, take part in the celebration.

I love the article I read at Carnival Fete-ish, which not only gives a great history of Mardi Gras but also shares the experience from Trinidad's Carnival, which is going right now as well. Oh, how I wish I was there.

With all this Carnival in the air, it's only right that I celebrate too.

Photo credit: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.e-masks.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/mardi-gras-mask.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.e-masks.com/mardi-gras-masks/&usg=__oaF2n7a-AcSfpqSY2gU98pXl3Ok=&h=276&w=270&sz=28&hl=en&start=32&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=mK0ALCKch5w8gM:&tbnh=114&tbnw=112&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dmardi%2Bgras%26ndsp%3D18%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26start%3D18%26um%3D1

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  1. Oh my goodness...I can't believe that I had forgotten that it is the start of Mardi Gras. Thanks for reminding me. Now I need to find some beads and a beignet!


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