Monday, February 15, 2010

Motivational Monday: When I Grow Up

A close friend and I often have a conversation about how even though we are technically adults, we don't feel quite "grown up" yet. Although I still don't think I've made it completely, I decided that I don't have to wait until I'm "grown up" for some things. So in 2010, I'm going to tackle some of those things on my "When I grow up" list (sounds a little like a resolution):

-run a successful business- Although I have been pouring my heart into Her Journey for the past year and a half, in my mind it is still "an independent project." Even with all the encouragement and positive feedback I've been getting, I was still not fully convinced that I am an entrepreneur running a business. HOWEVER, I have accepted it and am wholeheartedly devoted to building this empire now.

-give back to those who gave to me- I've always envisioned myself revisiting all of my old schools once I "made it" and sharing my experiences from my days at the school and the wisdom I gained on my journey to success. Even in my imagination, I just assumed that I would be in my thirties when I was actually able to do so. Then it hit me. I do have something to offer now. Making it through college and still surviving now, despite the "recession" is an experience that I have definitely learned from. It is an also an experience that I can share with those who have not yet started their collegiate journey. I recently approached my high school about working with the students, and they (students and faculty alike) are just as excited as I am. It was not until they introduced me to the students as one of their success stories and they expressed how proud they are of me; that was when it really hit me: maybe I am kind of grown up now :-)

These thoughts have been floating around in my head for a while, but this post finally came to life when I read Jill's "When I Grow Up" post on her Life After College blog, which reminded me of my Life To Do List (which I've added to).

It also so happens that while watching Samantha Brown's 10th Anniversary special last week, I had another revelation. I have often thought about how cool it must be to have a travel show. Not only do you get paid to travel but you also get to share those experiences with everyone watching. It was not until watching Samantha Brown did I actually imagine myself on the Travel Channel on a show of my very own. THAT would be a DREAM COME TRUE! And that's when I thought to myself, "I know what I want to be when I grow up. Me." You know how when we're younger, we think "I want to be like Oprah, or this person or that person" but it just clicked for me that I am exactly who I am for a reason, and while there are good examples of inspiration to look up to, I have something unique to offer. I have to say that that was a great revelation. And I plan to start doing short video clips of my own. I may not be on the Travel Channel, but I CAN have my own travel show...stay tuned!

I actually wonder if I will ever feel like I'm "all grown up." In the meantime I'm having fun "growing up."

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