Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mental Vacay: Trinidad and Tobago

So they weren't lying. This early morning photo from shows only the beginning of the snow day. The present state is that there is a LOT of snow out there, and it's still falling. A small part of me feels like a punk, remembering the days when I would bundle up and brave the weather. I specifically remember one time in high school when I trudged through snow mounds just to get a pair of sneakers that I reaallly wanted. Of course, at the time I didn't want to listen to anyone who would have tried to tell me that the sneakers would still be there the next day. ::shaking my head at my adolescent self:: I commend all those brave New Yorkers (and everyone else out there in the snow) for doing what they have to do despite of inconvenient conditions. However, a larger part of me is so relieved that I do not have to leave the house today, and I am so excited about watching my DVR'ed episodes of Ugly Betty with a bowl of baked potato soup.....mmmm. I may even bake some chocolate chip cookies...sounds like the perfect snow day. With finishing Girl, Get Your Money Straight and drafting my article for a magazine I'll be contirbuting to (more on that later) also on my todo list for today, I got a feeling that today's going to be a good day.

Even though I'm making the best of today's weather condition, looking outside is forcing my mind to wander to a happier warmer place, a mental vacay if you will. I invite you to join me on my mental vacation to Trinidad and Tobago. Right now, Trinidadians (and hundreds of visitors) are caught up in the Carnival festivities building up to next week's big days. Thankfully I have my memories of the past two Carnivals to keep me warm.

This article about Trinidad and Tobago will definitely guide you on your mental vacay.

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  1. weather is always interesting...and a daily part of life every day in every way...



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