Monday, September 26, 2011

Some People Just Don't Get It

When I do things like buy a one-way ticket to Seattle or tell my job that I need a month off, I get lots of questions. I get tired of explaining myself and end up giving vague answers like "Why not?" or "That's just how I am" that don't necessarily satisfy the question-asker but get them to at least cease the interrogation.

When I read The Lost Girls' book, I felt better in knowing that I am not the only one who thinks the way I do. I honestly believe that most (if not all) people would love the opportunity to escape their day job and travel the world. However, many do not believe that it is a possibility and leave it in the category of things that other people do.

As one of those other people, I sometimes feel "weird" for thinking the way I do and doing the things I do. It's always comforting to meet and discover others who think like I do and who get it without me having to explain "it". I stumbled upon these article: "How a Career Break Changed My Life" and "7 Things You Learn about Yourself (and the World) While Traveling Solo" I was so excited to see someone else articulate thoughts I've had but have been hesitant to share with any and everyone, the fear of having to explain why it's a good idea.

Do you get "it"?

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