Monday, March 22, 2010

Motivational Monday! Blog It Forward

I discovered this great Blog It Forward movement over at Fabulous Doodles (who might I add really does have some oh-so-fabulous doodles). Initiated and organized by sfgirlbybay, this brought bloggers together and allowed each to share personal inspirations. I definitely think that she deserves the Inspirational Blog Award for this major movement. Even though I’m not officially a part of this movement, I really wanted to take part and share it with you too.

God- One of my all time favorite quotes is “Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.” (Ephesians 3:20) My life’s journey is definitely a testament to that. Not only have my prayers been answered, but my life has unfolded in a way that I could not have planned, and I have been blessed beyond my own imagination. Because of that I continue to be forever grateful and think it imperative to fully appreciate and savor every moment of life I’ve been granted.

People around me- Family, friends and even some great people I’ve only met in passing. From the support they extend to me to the example that they each live, the people around me continue to be a huge source of inspiration.

Passion- I love to witness moments when people exhibit the fullness of their passion: like when a singer sings her story in every note, a dancer who extends every move all the way through ever her fingernails, an athlete who performs with every fiber of her being, even someone who tells a story more through her eyes than her mouth. That energy is contagious, and just seeing it fuels my own passion.

Music- I love that music can match whatever mood you’re in and allow you to saturate in it. It can communicate messages filled with feelings and emotions. I recently discovered my true love for music and continue to use it as a muse.

Ms. Fabulous Doodles’ list was so in sync with things that I love, and her pictures are such a great touch. I hope she doesn’t mind if I consider her post an unofficial addendum to my own. (Insert 1-3 of Fabulous doodles’ list here)

What I love about this Blog It Forward movement is that it is spreading inspiration through the blogosphere. Please do share, what inspires you?

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