Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Black Girl Day

It's still Women's History Month, and that makes me happy. This month makes me want to grind a little bit harder toward making my mark in history. What made me happy today was the discovery of Happy Black Girl Day, the birthchild of fellow blogger, The Beautiful Struggler. On the second Wednesday of every month, we will celebrate HBGD by flooding the airwaves with reminders of why we women are great.

I found extra delight in this because just yesterday I sent out an e-mail to my closest girlfriends telling them that I loved them, am thankful for having them in my life, am proud of how they have grown into and am excited to see the women they will continue to grow into. It was short and sweet and from their responses, it got my point across. Even though we don't get to see or speak to each other as much as we'd like to, I feel that much closer to them.

And in honor of Happy Black Girl Day, I'd like to share this song that always makes me smile:

And check out the Beautiful Struggler's Happy Black Girl Day post. Because today is also National Women and Girls' HIV Awareness Day, she is highlighting women who are spreading awareness.

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