Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fun Foto!

I've been phototagged in this Blogger Pass-it-on Game by the Tica Tattleteller!

Aw man, I lucked out! I could not ask for a better pic to be chosen because this is one of my all time favorite photos. lol.

In the summer of 2006, I studied abroad: 2 weeks in Dundee, Scotland and 3 weeks in London, England, with a bonus: a weekend in Paris (a dream come true!). This picture was taken on 4th of July on the train in London. Even though we were MILES away from home, my friends and I felt it necessary to celebrate our country's holiday. On our way to an American hangout that we discovered we were more than excited, which is obvious from this pic. And this is only the beginning of the night...

And now I'm tagging:
Midtown Girl
Teljer in Malaga
Life After College
Pink Heels

Here are the rules:

1. Open your 1st photo folder
2. Scroll to the 10th photo
3. Post the photo (no cheating) and the story behind it
4. Tag 5 or more people


  1. OMG!!! I love this picture! HILARIOUS!!! I give you a lot of credit for letting it all go to celebrate the 4th of July! I can only imagine what the other people on the metro thought of you...crazy American. LOL

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  3. So...I'm going to start off by saying I lost what I had originally wanted to post messing around with my phone. I finally upgraded to an internet capable phone (trying to be like you!) lol and the page "timed out" when I was trying to post the comment. That is the worst feeling ever! You pouring out your heart on the spot!! ughhh!! Ok, I'm done.
    I love this pic, you have these moments on camera sometimes that capture the essence of your adventurous spirit. This is one of them, along with that pic of you jumping into the pool. Thanks for participating in the challenge, you're the only who did! :)
    Girl, you tryna break a sistah down with your post! You know I'm never at a loss for thank you's to you for giving me the opportunity to rediscover my love for writing. I believe in my work now and its worthiness to be published!
    Thanks for trusting me with your baby. Your passion is contagious so I guess Denise's post is timely...Helping you on your project has help me rediscover my love. It's really a two-way street, I'm glad I could inspire you. And the best part is, it's only the beginning.
    Onward & Upward,

  4. Yes, onward and upward! and YAY for an internet capable phone :-)

  5. HA! I probably wont be saying YAY when I see that monthly bill but anywho, I just wanted to say I think I know what happened to your "missing" post. It went under my "Black Filmmakers" post as opposed to where you actually wanted to put it.


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