Sunday, September 13, 2009

To all my fellow chocolate lovers

Whether you’re planning a Girls’ Night Out, a date with your boo, or night of solo bliss, let me recommend Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man to satisfy your chocolate needs. When a friend of mine suggested that I visit this chocolate heaven, my mouth was watering before she finished describing her meal. After my own firsthand experience, it is my chocolate loving duty to share it with you.

Please be advised that there may be a wait because everyone wants some of the chocolate goodness, but it is well worth the wait, and you will have an opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere. Feast your eyes on the two chocolate mixers at the entrance, a chocolate bar filled with heaps of chocolate, chocolate pipes running throughout the restaurant, and walls lined with jumbo jars of cinnamon and other sweets. The “Look Mom! Willy Wonka does exist!” sign sums up this fantastical place perfectly. Once seated, you will get to flip through a menu dedicated to chocolate with pages of unique hot chocolate blends. Although The Bald Man also offers entrees that I hear are full of flavor, Max Brenner is the only place that justifies my regular routine of choosing my dessert before (or instead of) choosing my meal.

Max Brenner offers a great variety from traditional fondues and s’mores to internationally inspired crepes to uncanny creations like the chocolate pizza. You can even find chocolate filled syringes to feed your chocolate cravings. The dishes are served with fresh fruits and sweet treats like gummy bears, and the quirky dishware (a hug mug that fits perfectly in the palms of your hands, metal straws, vials of chocolate, for example) only enhance the experience. Max Brenner certainly creates a gratifying atmosphere. It has been said that chocolate creates feelings similar to that of falling in love. So whether you fall in love with your boo or the chocolate itself, you will leave Max Brenner with a mushy feeling inside, and not just from the chocolate fondue you devoured.

Oded Brenner, coincidently a bald man, is the man that we owe the gratitude for this chocolate heaven. Taking inspiration from some famous chocolate experts including Michelle Chaudun, and with insight from designers such as Jean Paul Gautier, "Max Brenner" had the revelation that chocolate was more than just food but something that should be appreciated through all the faculties and sensations as an all encompassing experience. After opening chocolate bars in London, Australia and Isreal, Max Brenner further developed the idea into Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man, which launched in Singapore and the Philippines. In 2006, Max Brenner shared the ultimate chocolate experience with New York, opening two locations, one in Union Square and one in East Village.[1]

Sharing the passion for chocolate with each customer that enjoys this amazing chocolate experience, Max Brenner has truly made a name to remember, and many are singing its praises: The March/April 2008 issue of Hi Class Living mentions “the first restaurant entirely devoted to chocolate” and recommends the Chocolate Martini. The January/February 2008 issue of Travel + Leisure Mexico even raves en español. Many also recommend Max Brenner’s chocolate bars that can be found in the chocolate shop. Even celebrities like Orlando Bloom, find their way to enjoy the chocolate creations of the bald man. So if you have not been there yet, you should put it on your to-do list.

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[1] Courtesy of Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man contact

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  1. Cant wait to experience the hot cocoa hug mug, looks amazing.


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