Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Friday: Getting to know Miss Journey

In each issue of Her Journey, we ask our contributors to complete a brief questionnaire. Now it’s my turn:

Name: Danielle but you can call me Miss Journey
Education: Emory University, Class of 2007, B.A. Psychology and English: Creative Writing
Other Work: Creator of What Women Everywhere Want newsletter, dining enhancement specialist (aka waitress), The Emory Wheel ad sales rep., SCORE! Educational Center tutor
Career Goals: To achieve a fulfilling career as an international travel and food expert and motivational speaker
Favorite Destinations: Trinidad and Tobago, Las Vegas, Paris, and New York, of course
Travel To Do List: New Orleans, Chicago, Coast to Coast road trip, Brazil, Dubai, Egypt and wherever else the wind blows me. There isn’t anywhere I wouldn’t go.

In past issues we’ve discussed the Get Cute Quick bag. I keep my Get Cute Quick bag in my trunk at all times. In it, you’ll find:
The essentials: Deodorant, toothbrush
Always helps to have: comb, brush, hair clip
Just in case: Underwear, mini pack of Always, razor
To be ready for whatever may come up*: shirt, pair of jeans, shoes, eye shadow
Comes in very handy: Cell phone charger

*It’s tricky to be prepared for any and every situation. The key is to keep your Get Cute Quick bag stocked with simple but cute items that can be pretty universal.

Oh yes ladies, it helps if the bag is cute too. I got mine at, and they have so many other cute ones! Pack your Get Cute Quick bag and never leave home without it!

What else would you like to know about Miss Journey? Come back next week to get to know me a little better.


  1. I miss getting to know Miss Journey! Bring it back!

  2. I'm in the process of getting to know more about Miss Journey myself. I will share my new revelations :-)


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