Friday, September 24, 2010

Time is Precious

I love that @tisasilver said “Once you spend a dollar, you have a chance to make it back. Once you spend a minute, it is gone forever” in her #BOSSchat with @TheBOSSNetwork. Because it’s so true. Time is oh-so important. I am learning the value of it and how to cherish it. One of my time recently adapted saving strategies is to cut TV out of my daily diet. It is true that when stressed, sometimes mindless entertainment can help but I’ve found that I get so much more done when the TV is off. Even when I’m working with the TV just on as background noise, it’s such a distraction and I can’t focus and really dedicate myself to the assignment like I need to. How many times do you sit there and say “there’s nothing on” but continue to sit there for several more hours, watching nothing worth watching.

I started off by rewarding myself with one hour of my favorite show “Girlfriends” (which has been replaced by “The Game” since “Girlfriends” isn’t on anymore) and then got started with my work. Now, when I have an assignment or need to get stuff done I just turn it off altogether (I’ve seen all the episodes already anyway). And I just get so much more and better work done.

Now don't get me wrong, I haven’t cut TV completely out of my life. But I do leave it off during productive daytime hours and then reward myself for a productive day with some mind release in the later part of the day (because there are certainly times when I have to force myself to turn the computer off as well to not slip into workaholicism). A great way to watch shows and save some of your precious time is to DVR it or watch it online. Then you have the opportunity to skip commercials and watch at your own convenience. OR you can get the DVD box set which is my plan for Girlfriends.

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  1. Glad you decided to grace us with your presence, it's been a while!! But I'm sure you were uber busy in the real world!


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