Monday, September 20, 2010

I. LOVE. New York.

As if I didn't already love New York. One of the main reasons I love my city is because it is filled with new reasons for me to discover. I have to admit that I am a little sad about summer coming to an end. On the other hand, I'm embracing the fact that as an adult I have the freedom to extend the summer fun. In true NY summer fashion, I discovered a new rooftop lounge. Rare View is a newly opened bar and lounge on the rooftop of the Fashion 26 Hotel, which has also opened this year. Although I didn't stay long, I enjoyed what I saw, from the amazing view of the Empire State Building to the cute and chic seating and overall atmosphere. I will definitely be back.

My other discovery from this weekend was the mouth-watering goodness I found at brgr. I've driven by before and have taken a mental note to check it out. I figure if your name is "burger" you have to know what you're doing when it comes to burgers, right? If New York Magazine voted them as the Best Milkshake, then I need to see what all the hype is all about. I promise my mouth watered at the thought of a great burger and shake. Because I happened to be on that block this weekend, I could not let the opportunity to pass me by. After a lunch of: The Down on the Farm Burger, which I added a fried a egg to (after seeing a bacon egg and cheeseburger on TV I've been obsessed), sweet potato fries and a black and white shake shot, which was my favorite part, I can now say that brgr has one more fan. The burger was juicy and satisfying, the fries were crisp (just how I like them) and not too thin, and the shake shot was the perfect little treat to top it all off. Something about the shake shot evoked the childhood memory of having Mister Softee on a summer day...mmmmm. What's cool is that they also have turkey burgers and a garden burger for everyone to enjoy the mouth-watering goodness.

I'd also like to share that this love for New York has been magnified by the love of friendship and sisterhood that has been rekindled this weekend. Since September 1st, Girlfriendology has been honoring the Month of Friendship with daily suggestions on ways to reconnect with girlfriends. I must admit that it got me thinking about how much more girl time I could use. I also felt a bit guilty because I could certainly work on being better friend and not becoming so focused on work and business that my friendships suffer. However, this weekend I had the honor of meeting an amazing group of women through She Creates Change, many of whom I already consider new friends. With this new love of friendship, I am even more excited about my friend's visit to NY. Not only will we have the chance to reconnect as friends, but I know that we'll also discover some more reasons why I. LOVE. New York!

P.S. The Bloggers Soiree is ONE WEEK AWAY! Another reason to love New York!

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  1. shucks..I fell back in love with New York after reading ya post! keep it up miss Journey :)


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