Monday, April 5, 2010

Gotta Love NY: Brooklyn Bridge

As I mentioned in my post about my Summer To Do List, I am wasting no time in kicking off my summer activities. Today was way to beautiful to not seize the opportunity to start the summer fun. A solo journey into Manhattan proved to be a rewarding one.

In my short sleeve shirt, I leisurely walked several Manhattan blocks, simply taking in the warmth of the sun that my body has been craving and has been deprived of for so long. In the spirit of starting my summer, I accomplished one thing on my Summer To Do List: I bought an I (heart) NY t-shirt. I have lived in NY for most of my life (minus the four years I spent in Atlanta for school), and I have never owned one of these shirts. 1. Because they are primarily geared towards tourists, but if anyone loves NY, it's the natives. 2. They've always been huge t-shirts that you wear to sleep (maybe I did have one of those when I was younger). But now that they have cuter and more fashionable ones, I felt it only right that I have one of my own. I stuck with a classic white, but I may add a few more to my collection before the end of the summer. I don't have a picture of it to show off, but it will certainly show up in a number of my pictures throughout the summer.

Another one of my accomplishments involved some photo fun on the Brooklyn Bridge. After tackling the Brooklyn Bridge last summer, I can now walk across it with a feeling of triumph. What I love about the bridge is that it seems to bring together more than just two boroughs. Man, woman, child, biker, runner, nun, boy scout, cars driving by, helicopters flying over, and boats sailing under, all of this I witnessed while there. The bridge is a form exercise for some, a means of transport for others. It can be romantic, relaxing, educational, fun. All of that hidden in this huge structure that so many New Yorkers have yet to experience for themselves.

Even though the day was uneventful in some sense, it was exactly what I needed to kick off my summer. Stay tuned because I will be sharing my many adventures...and there will be many!

What do you have planned for the summer? Have you ever walked across the Brooklyn Bridge?

Photo courtesy of yours truly. I'm stepping up my photography game.


  1. I walked across the BK Bridge last year finally and it was amazing. Defi doing it again this year!

  2. Walking this historic bridge (I think it's like 125 years old) is always sweet. Did you know that back in the day some trolleys ran up there?
    Reading about all the hard work that went into making the bridge and then taking in all the sights allows you to become really reflective. After the initial noise of the cars at the mouth of the bridge, when it quiets down, and there's only walking, pedaling or can really get lost in the serenity and grandeur of the bridge. If I lived in BK, I would do it at least once a week.


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