Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm going going back back to Cali Cali

First time in San Diego, and I have to say it was a fulFILLing trip. With a plethora of restaurant options on the hotel grounds, our stay at the Hyatt was a hungry girl’s dream come true.

First stop, Café Japengo, where terms I’ve only heard on Top Chef became a reality. All in the spirit of trying new things, I opted for the Chilean Sea Bass that was prepared in a broth that included bok choy and mushrooms. I can now say from personal experience that I’m a fan of Chilean Sea Bass, which was well seasoned, slightly crisp on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside. Not as convinced by the bok choy and mushrooms, but I can say that I’ve tried them. Café Japengo is also known for best sushi in La Jolla (so says the commercial).

What happened the next night at Fleming’s still makes my mouth water. It was so good I was speechless and was not able to gather my thoughts until I finished eating. Garlic bread sopped and shrimp bathed in a juice reminiscent of gumbo goodness. Spicy macaroni and cheese (which wasn’t so spicy) was the perfect balance. All I can say is finger licking flavor.

I definitely cannot forget to mention the overwhelming amount of Mexican restaurants in Old Town.

While in San Diego, I surveyed the locals for the favorite cuisine, and all fingers pointed to fish tacos. Appreciating to the mom and pop shops where the good stuff is made, we went to Chabelita once in Los Angeles. One soft and one crispy taco later I was convinced that fish tacos were worth the hype. Fried tilapia with all the fixings of a taco, lettuce tomato, onion, sour cream (which I usually don’t eat), cheese, and a homemade spicy sauce that brought the entire thing to life.

San Diego, check! Los Angeles, check! Fish tacos, check! Mission accomplished. Until the next adventure.

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